The international digital environment has evolved rapidly over the past years, integrating technical breakthroughs and new practices. Social media and user contents have become more and more significant and are deeply transforming the relationship between companies and their stakeholders (staff, contractors, clients, etc).

In order to remain competitive and to leverage these new opportunities, companies in every industry have to adapt their digital strategies to these evolutions and carry out operations adapted to local markets, consumer expectations and corporate image.

However, these new practices have also raised issues regarding the security of the companies’ intellectual properties and assets. Companies have therefore to consider the risks that are linked to its exposure to social media.

Making the most of its human and intellectual assets, Square Strategy has developed expertise on the following issues, in order to promote sustainable winning strategies in a complex and competitive environment :
  • Analysis of business opportunities through industry benchmarking on international social media best practices (marketing, HR, CSR, corporate communication);
  • Recommendations for targeted and efficient actions to promote a sustainable operational strategy;
  • Support roll-out of operational web 2.0 strategies;
  • Audit and analysis of company’s exposure to social media risks;
  • Raise decision-makers awareness of social media related risks.