Since 2006, Square Strategy has been supporting its clients, in France and abroad (primarily Africa and Latin America), by carrying out the identification of threats to their operations, conducting security engineering audits, formulating strategic and operational recommendations for risk control and supporting the implementation of the recommended measures.

Making the most of its human and intellectual assets, and supported by its international experts network, Square Strategy provides its clients with the following services :
  • Writing operators’ security and protection plans, adapting them to the regulatory and legal framework of each country
  • Supporting the development and implementation of corporate security policies;
  • Conducting risk audits and security monitoring intelligence, especially in insecure environments and countries;
  • Developing and implementing Emergency plans (crisis and emergency management, evacuation plans, etc);
  • Briefing of expatriated executives and teams on country risks;
  • Recruiting, testing and validating local security teams and security service providers.