Companies have to face challenges that are specific to their business environment. Square Strategy offers its clients the benefits of its long term knowledge of international markets and its cutting-edge and diversified industry knowledge. Square Strategy’s expertise is based on its mastery of these specific issues and a unique approach that allow us to imagine and propose creative solutions adapted to each client’s needs and expectations.

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Defense & Aerospace : An operator of the space industry, which is considered a strategic activity by the French authorities, had to abide by new national security and protection regulations. In close cooperation with its Security and Safety Department, we carried out all necessary security reviews and drafted all plans and documentation as per official requirements. We also advised and assisted our client in the continuous improvement of its security policies.
Agribusiness : In connection with the Gulf Cooperation Council’s policy of securing food supplies, an agribusiness firm wanted to acquire arable land in East Africa. We identified potential eligible sites and facilitated contacts with the local authorities. We then analyzed the specific regulations of the country in order to secure the investment.
Automotive : An automotive company intended to enter a large emerging market. We compiled a competitive benchmark study, which allowed our client to fine-tune its strategy and its marketing operations.
Bank & Insurance : A banking firm intended to recruit young high-potential executives in different operational regions : Europe, India, Egypt and the USA. We carried out a benchmark study of its main competitors and analyzed their employer branding strategies on social media. We recommended implementation strategies specific to each region in order to better leverage the opportunities offered by their respective digital environments.
Construction & Infrastructures : A leading international public works company had been developing its activities in West Africa. They called us in order to improve their public tenders’ success rate and their local communication strategy. Public and private actors’ power mappings, targeted strategic recommendations, and the facilitation of contacts with local partners allowed our client to markedly exceed its initial target.
Retail : Pre-IPO strategic due-diligence for a major retail company in an Asian country enabled our client to secure the acquisition of a supply chain, by fine -tuning the valuation of their target and providing a better assessment of their target’s strategic aims, as well as the business environment and risks.
Education : We backed a leading learning company that intended to seize business opportunities in the Gulf region. We supported its investment strategy by analyzing the best market opportunities, setting up power mapping of key decision makers and anticipating the call for tenders.
Energy & Environment : A longstanding player in the energy sector faced a gradual opening of its markets to the competition. We supported our client in all stages of the process, advising on new strategies to be implemented in order to protect its investments and market shares.
Mines & Minerals : A major company intended to address and develop business opportunities in an East African country. We were tasked to monitor the political, economic, sectoral and social context, and to set up power mappings. Our analysis and strategic and operational recommendations enabled our client to get a better understanding of the specificities of the country and to set up relevant communication and operational strategies.
Healthcare : A major healthcare company intended to modernize its marketing approach in China by developing its presence on social media. We provided our client with a benchmark study, which identified local social media best practices of other large companies as well as of their direct competitors. This meant we could identify precise key success factors regarding the specificity of social media in China and specific regulatory issues.
Utilities : A major utilities company intended to protect its industrial facilities in a North African country. Following an initial security audit we assessed the needs in terms of procedures, devices and systems to be implemented. We helped the client short-list a local security firm, we recommended devices and systems to be implemented and drew up the security procedures.
Telecommunications : A leading telecommunication operator implemented an external growth strategy in West Africa. In close cooperation with its M&A department, we identified and short-listed potential targets. A thorough due diligence on the final target enabled us to disclose hidden weaknesses and led to a substantial decrease of the acquisition price.
Transport & Logistics : A company operating in the railway sector intended to develop its activities in the Gulf region. We carried out an in-depth research of current and future opportunities, anticipated and monitored the calls for tenders and made strategic recommendations. Moreover, we set up power maps analyzing decision-making processes in these countries which let us fine-tune our client’s bids.
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